The Benefits of Verdo Horse Bedding

verdo wood pellets

How to Use Verdo Horse Bedding

Exceptional value

Once you have set up your horse's bed, you will find that mucking out is far easier than with traditional beddings - you won't need to remove as much bedding, so you won't need to top it up as often. Most users find that one bag a week is enough to maintain the bed, and that means less cost, a smaller muck heap and more opportunity for riding!

Highly absorbent

When Verdo Horse Bedding gets wet, it absorbs so much moisture that the damp area remains in a localised patch. Removal can be then be as simple as lifting it away with a fork or shovel. It won't run or affect a large area, so you remove less bedding and don't need as much to replace it. What's more, our renewable virgin wood pellets contain natural resins and oils that combat ammonia, so instead of the usual odours, you will be greeted by a pleasant pine scent.

Hygienic to use

Verdo Horse Bedding is heat treated to eliminate any bacteria, making it hygienically clean, plus it contains less than 1% dust. That's a big bonus when compared to some other horse bedding materials. It all adds up to a pleasant working environment for you and a good night's sleep for your horses!

The eco-friendly choice

We only ever use locally-sourced, FSC®-approved renewable virgin timber to make our wood pellets, so you can be sure that in choosing Verdo Horse Bedding, you are minimising your impact on the environment.