Floor Polishes

  • A001 SELDUR high solids metallisied polish 5L, 200L
  • A011B SELDUR BLACK black pigment metallised polish 5L
  • A002 SELSTAT high solids antistatic metallised polish 5L
  • A003 SELGLO buffable emulsion polish 5L
  • A004 STONEGLO marble and terrazzo finish 5L
  • A005 SELBRITE drybright metallised polish 5L
  • A008 SELSEAL acrylic base coat seal 5L
  • A009 SELWAX sprit liquid wax floor ploish 5L
  • A011 SELEXEL super high solids metallised polish 5L, 200L
  • A014 DIAMOND BRITE low maintenance wet look floor polish 5L

Floor Maintainers/Cleaners

  • B001 SELGLEEM floor jell cleaner 5L
  • B002 SELGLEEM LEMON lemon floor jell cleaner 5L
  • B003 PINE JELL floor jell cleaner 5L
  • B006 LEMON JELL advanced lemon fragrance floor jell 5L
  • B010 SELSHEEN high polymer spray clean concentrate floor polish maintainer 5L
  • B012 FAST LANE spray cleaner floor maintainer 5L
  • B027 MINIT GLOSS instant clean & shine floor polish 5L
  • B087 SILVERSHEEN heavy duty floor polish maintainer 5L
  • C006 STONE BRITE neutral terrazzo cleaner 5L
  • F010 MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANER all round cleaning concentrate, hard surface cleaner 1L,5L
  • F017 SELCHEM SD heavy duty scrubber drier detergent 5L
  • F176 NETURAL SCRUBBER DRIER DETERGENT neutral low foam detergent 5L
  • F181 TRIPLE advanced scrubber drier detergent 5L, 25L, 200L

Floor Strippers

  • FR001 SELSTRIP high active polish stripper 5L
  • F032 SELATE ammonia free metallised polish stripper 5L
  • F116 SELSPEED rinse free polish stripper 5L

Carpet Cleaners

  • C005 SELFOAM dry foam carpet shampoo 5L
  • C034 SELFOAM H.E woolsafe approved low foam hot water extraction cleaner 1L,5L
  • C019 BREAK defoamer 5L
  • C156 HAEVY DUTY EXTRACTION SHAMPOO fast acting product for high soiling in high traffic areas 5L
  • C170 BIOLOGICAL ODOUR NETRALISER lemon fragrant enzyme adour eater 5L
  • E076 ODOUR NEUTRALISER additive for removing urine and foul odours 1L, 5L
  • M164 ANTISTAT 1 woolsafe approved antistatic additive for carpet extraction shampoos 5L
  • T012 SPOT & STAIN carpet spot and stain remover 750ml
  • T032 BIO FRESH biological enzyme carpet deodoriser 750ml
  • T133 D-BOND woolsafe approved chewing gum remover 750ml