Specialised Lubricants

GRINDSOL 5: An oil-free, water soluble product for metal grinding. Biostable, nitrite-free and virtually none foaming. Outstanding anti-corrosion properties and compatible with paper filtration systems. (Recommended concentration 2% - 5% depending on water quality)

GRINDSOL 5GR: Similar to GRINDSOL 5 but recommended where hydrocyclone filtration systems are used or rapid fines settlement is required.

AIR MIST LUBE: Specialised mineral oil free product, for use on metal cutting applications where air mist applied, minimal lubrication systems are in use. Compatible with most subsequent metal coating operations.

OXP440 VANISHING OIL: Measured amount of lubricity additive in very light, low aromatic oil. Designed to give undetectable amount of residue after metal forming operations. Based only on FDA H1 raw materials, therefore suitable for parts going into food industry. Typical applications: roll forming of aluminium, pressing of very light gauge steels that go for printing, rolling of aluminium foil.

OXP550 DRAWING LUBRICANT: Soluble oil with very high level of extreme pressure additive. Can be used neat or up to 20% in emulsion form. Ideal for multistage drawing of stainless steel, where in the initial breakdown draw the product is used neat and subsequent light draws the product is used in an emulsion form.

BIOFLUSH: A system cleaner for soluble cutting fluid systems. Added at a rate of 2%, 24 hours before tank is to be changed. Breaks down hard water soaps and slimey deposits, kills all bacteria and emulsifies tramp oil. A very good anti-corrosion property therefore does not leave machine parts unprotected.

GRINDSOL 495 PLUS: A specialised grinding fluid for grinding/regrinding tungsten carbide tools. Unlike most other grinding fluids will not bring into solution potentially harmful cobalt salts from the tungsten carbide. Recommended concentration 5%.

OXP546 ANTI-FOAM: A very long lasting silicone free anti-foam, designed to be added to problematic cutting fluid systems as a tank side post treatment.

COR-X-RP RANGE: A range of white spirit deposited rust preventatives. Products include heavy wax deposits with salt water corrosion protect through to very light oil depositing with outstanding dewatering products.

If you are unable to source the product you require or have any specific questions on our lubricants then please contact Solutec.